Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bunny's news

I removed Bunny's e-collar after a few hours because I could see how uncomfortable it was for him and I do understand that stress does NOT help in recovery. In fact, it is detrimental to recovery. Moreover, I consulted another vet on Bunny's case and he felt that the antibiotics ought to be enough. He didn't even think the iodine and cream would be necessary. Cats will lick, he said. And the e-collar is very stressful on any animal. I agree on both counts.

By the way, the first vet explained that FIV+ cats are prone to eye discharge. It is not anything serious, she said. So, that explains why Bunny's eye discharge is such a persistent condition.

 There he goes licking his wound...Bunny, please don't.

But a cat has to do what he feels is right, so we let him lick a bit and tried to distract him as much as possible.

 He didn't lick too much, so that's good.

By evening, I was able to apply iodine and fusigen, and we didn't need to have the e-collar put on him at all.

Feeding the medication was a wee bit of a struggle, but doable.

 He slept really well last night. I was with him until 3am.

This morning, there was urine all along the wall (luckily the wall is tiled!). I guess it would have been Bunny's as he cannot possibly jump through the window to go out to urinate. It's okay, Bunny Boy. We understand.

Breakfast was fine and he no longer felt hot to the touch. But he is still limping on three legs and did not step on his injured paw. Poor Bunny...the vet did say though it may be a small puncture wound, it is still possibly very painful. It may have been a sharp object that he could have stepped onto.

 After breakfast until now....!

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