Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home tales


The day begins with reconnaissance work...stalking the Patio Family.

 Blissfully not involved.

Been there, done that. Let the young ones do it now.

 Tabby Inc.

Will Tabs be as big as Tiger soon?

The seniors.

 The King has a new box!
Er..I mean, "throne".

The King has a new throne!


Juliana said...

Thanks for posting updates about the cats at your place:) I loved reading about Indy's escapades. :D

I just wanted to ask about the white door divider you have in your house (first pic in the post). I'd love something like this because right now we have to close the doors and windows to the room and it can get really stuffy (for both humans and cats I bet) when we let the cats out from their condo.

Did you get it custom made or did you buy it from somewhere?

chankahyein said...

Hi Juliana,

Thanks! I got that grille custom-made "in stages" because I hadn't foreseen all the problems...LOL! First it was only three-quarter of the present height (it wasn't meant as a full door). And the contractor made a mistake with the width between each bar. It was too wide! Pole and the thinner cats could easily slide through. So we had the "in-between" bars added on. Then, Pole and Indy JUMPED over the grille. So we had to have the grille made right to the top. Due to our own ignorance of not foreseeing the agility and intelligence of the cats, this grille cost us so much (because of all the add-ons)!
You can get any grille contractor to do it for you. Just show them the photo. All the best!

Juliana said...

LOL! I'm sorry you had to pay so much but the story was funny. Thanks for th information and lessons learned! We'll shop around :)