Monday, March 18, 2013

Indy's escape - The Spider-Cat's secret EXPOSED!!

I waited patiently with Tiger and Bunny as Indy mooched around the garden. I just had an instinctive feeling he would try to escape again.

It didn't take long...

 He jumped onto the lower shelf and looked up.

 Then he looked at me.

I held my breath.

 Then he jumped onto the higher shelf.

He juggled a little, positioned himself and...

 It only took one leap.

There was no scaling of the wall. He didn't even touch the wall!

All it took was just one big leap and he was already clutching onto the netting.

 He made his way up and then, crawled into the opening between the two nettings to get down.

I stood there...totally transfixed. Is this really happening?

 This is Spider-Cat in action...

 It's history in the making.

We always thought Pole was the smart one and Indy is just a little "weird". Looks like Indy made careful calculations before doing this. He must have detected that "opening" such that he could crawl in and make his way out. You've got to admit - that is intelligent, isn't it?

 Stealthily, he makes his way down and out of the netting.

Yes, touch-down! We're safe now.

 He is trying to turn his body around.

 Er...we're kind of "trapped" for now...

But we're out in a jiffy. No sweat at all.

But it looked worrying now, as Indy seemed interested to explore the house at the back. If he jumps down there, I'll never be able to get him back.

 Halo treats to the rescue!!

Here, Indy, here...I shook the bottle.

Our masked hero was not in the least bit interested.

 Is Pole just watching or....learning?

 With a lot of coaxing, I finally managed to get Indy to turn around and head back towards the house.


 Now, slowly does it...Come Indy, come, good boy.

I blamed myself for having allowed him to do this. I should have stopped him when he was about to jump. Isn't it enough already? We would already know that's his escape route. What if he drops down into the neighbour's garden now? There are two dogs there. I regretted my action so much. But regrets aside, let's just get Indy back now.

I continued coaxing him gently and finally...

I grabbed him while balancing myself on this wobbly plastic stool. As before, I only managed to grab one of his arms and I had to yank him over.

 Brought him back into the room.

 The face of pure innocence?

I don't have any screwdrivers that can dismantle this shelf. So I've placed this plastic stool on it for now, just as a deterrent. But I'm watching Indy like a hawk until I decide later (with my rational and calmer mind) what I should do about his escape route.

Should I take down this shelf? Even if I do, he might use the lower shelf and both shelves are Cleo's favourite look-out points. Or, should I do something about the netting?  Get several layers of soft netting so that he cannot get a good grip and climb.

 Stay here, Indy.

You're NOT attempting another escape. I'm watching you like a hawk now.


Chen said...

Wowweee ... Indy is one smart kitty. And his eyes are sharp enough to spot all possible gaps and work out an escape route.

chankahyein said...

I'm not cheering, though. Please help me think of how to fool-proof that corner...!

Chen said...

I suck at DIY ;(

Joey said...

hmm..... install a slanting shade on top of the shelves? it can act as both a shade and as blockage. make it very slanting so that the kitties wont be able to stand on them as leverage to climb higher.... uh.... not sure if I am making sense here...

or, install something soft yet firm enough to protrude outwards from the wall (L-shaped) but cant take the kitties weight - to block/break the jump onto the netting from the shelf? That is if you dont want to remove the shelves.

Agnes said...

I think Joey's suggestion of fixing a very soft and slanting protrusion above the 2 shelves is a good idea, using soft netting material.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, everyone, for all the great ideas! I truly appreciate them all. Will play it by ear. For now, we have taken down the higher shelf. He still tried, but he fell down.

Yen Ling said...

This dramatic news of Indy escapade is giving me heart attack! I know how you must be feeling, Dr. Chan. We can do all the SWOT analysis, pros and cons chart, mathematical calculation for safety, physics measurements, family meetings and brainstorm session, etc and yet they outsmart us and this is all a piece of cake for them. :'(.