Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vaccination for the Patio Family

I had been battling with the idea of whether I should get the Patio Family vaccinated. After all, the cat community here is controlled and the area is not heavily populated, unlike my old neighbourhood. In that sense, my area is not what one would call a "high risk" environment, as opposed to a confined or heavily populated area (like in a shelter, for eg).

I'm sure you know about the anti-vaccination theory and how vaccinations do carry risks. Well, all vaccines do. I myself am allergic to the Hepatitis B vaccine and it almost killed me when I went for my first dose! I went into instant anaphylactic shock and had to be revived with adrenaline. Imagine that...a dose that would be safe for babies almost killed me.

So, you would understand my personal apprehension in getting anyone else (human or animal) vaccinated.

But I finally decided (after consulting vets) that despite the risks, it would be better to get the Patio Family vaccinated. After all, parvo aside, the four types of flu can kill. And vaccination certainly reduces this risk.

So, yesterday, after we brought Bunny home from his paddy-paw wound treatment, I managed to catch four of the Patio Family members for vaccination. Guess who escaped capture?

It was already afternoon by the time we brought Bunny back. Only Rosie, Timmy and Starry were around, so they were very easily caught, put into separate carriers and off we went to the vet's.

At the vet's, there were many dogs, so that was quite a fearful experience for the cats, especially Timmy. He had to be brought into another room to be vaccinated as he was just too stressed out. Poor kitties. We quickly brought them home right after the procedure.

The moment I let them out, all three fled for their lives...sobs. I wondered if they would ever trust me again...

But soon after, Ginger and Daffodil came. I quickly gave them some kibbles and as they were finishing, I tried to catch Daffodil. No way, Jose...she reads minds and she made sure there was no way I could catch her. She didn't have to run away, she just evaded me. You know how it is with cats, I'm sure. They are within reach, yet you cannot catch them. So I left her alone and took Ginger only.

This time we went to a nearer vet so as to minimise the travelling stress. Luckily there was hardly any queue. Only one friendly dog was ahead of us. Ginger was done very quickly and we brought him home.

When we reached home, Rosie, Starry and Timmy were no where to be seen. Sobs...still angry at me for having "tricked" them and brought them to this "wicked place" to be poked with a sharp needle. And there were so many barking creatures too! But Daffodil was sleeping confidently in the porch.

"There's no way you can catch me....", I could almost hear her say. Well, for some reason, I truly have the greatest respect for Daffodil. After all, the madame is more than 10 years old and I read that the lifespan of a street-cat is only about 3-5 years. Daffodil is clearly a pint-size and petite little "cili padi". A survivor. And intelligence goes with that territory, doesn't it? She is one smart cat.

By late afternoon, Timmy had come back. Good ol' Timmy. Isn't he such an easy-going guy? You can't help but love the guy.

By evening, it was dinner time and...

...and I had to do something to make up for having tricked them into going to the vet's, so what can be better than a Monge treat, right?

 So, yes, everyone came back to eat and I presume I have been forgiven now.

Even Mr G came to join in the "celebration" of sorts. But Mr G doesn't know how to eat wetfood, so I had to serve him kibbles separately. He goes gaga over kibbles, but not wetfood (doesn't touch the stuff!).

Everyone happy?

Looks that way...phew!

And yesterday evening, I had to give a public talk and by the time I came home...

 ....the matriarch was sitting confidently on top of our car.

Yes, Madame Daffodil...good evening, Ma'am.

I will have to bring the four for their booster shots in 3 weeks' time. Let's see if we can catch Madame then...

The Patio Family's vaccinations and all medical needs are sponsored by Tabs & Associates!

Tabs, CEO of Tabs & Associates.


Emma said...

KY, I wouldn't vaccinate Daffodil if she's already more than 10 years as she would have all the immunity over the years.

chankahyein said...

I think so too, Emma. Thanks for your thoughts. In any case, I cannot catch her!

Chen said...

Really awesome pic of Tabs at the end!!! What big round eyes! The sweet innocence!!!!