Thursday, March 21, 2013

And what are the escape artists up to now?

To my relief, Indy has NOT tried another far. I think he has learnt that it's not possible to use that escape route anymore, what with his trimmed nails and the removal of that "launching pad" shelf.

Still, we decided to let the three non-Cow Family members have a breath of fresh air outside the room. They must be pretty stressed out inside always under the intimidation of Cow & Bunny.

 Hello, Tiger...don't be afraid. It's safe here...

Tiger moves cautiously... He's afraid.

 Our little girl, Tabs, is as happy as a lark. She is playing hide-and-seek with Indy.

 Tiger is still exploring the place.

 Catch me if you can!! I'm here!

 Indy telling Tiger not to worry and that everything is okay out here.

 Here,'re safe, don't worry.

 Tiger discovers a "safe" place.

 Indy, the experienced one.

 Tiger, still exploring.

 Indy hiding from Tabs.

The threesome are happy outside...well, except for Tiger who isn't used to the "outside world" yet. The moment I opened the grille, Tiger ran all the way back inside!

 Tabs goes upstairs. She loves hiding behind the wall and ambushing us when we come upstairs. That's her game.


 Pole checks out her ledge to see if there is any possible escape hole.

 Later, Cleo checks it out too.

These two must be thinking that since Indy has found a way, perhaps they can too.

 This morning, all is peaceful in Bunny's Place.

As I've said earlier, "uneventful" is a blessing for me.

I like "routine". I like "boring". At this age, I do not need anything sensational in my life!

My trusty contractor came yesterday and gave me a quotation to replace all the netting with polycarbonate pieces. Hopefully, it can be installed next week.  Meanwhile, I shall keep Indy's nails trimmed short.

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