Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An uneventful night

Ever since the Sabah incursion escalated into what it is now, we've been praying for "uneventful days". "No event" is GOOD. So every time my daughter, Ming-Yi, sends a text that says, "All is well in Kunak", it IS a cause for celebration. The moment is all we have and we pray for peaceful moments always. We can certainly do without all the heart-stopping news, as celebratory as it may be, believe me, we can do without them. Uneventful is good, boring is good, peaceful is good. "Nothin' happenin' " is GOOD.

The same goes for Bunny's Place, though on a much smaller magnitude, of course.

For Bunny's Place: Boring is good. No escapades is good.

Last night, I was caught in the dilemma of whether to keep Indy locked in the condo again or let him be. He was sitting at the Clubhouse, occasionally looking up at his escape route, rather wistfully too. Cleo was sleeping soundly in the condo, and you know how it is with our cats: Sharing is not the norm. This condo can house three cats comfortably, but by our cats' standards, it's only one cat and no more. I did not want to wake Cleo up.

I am also phobic of keeping animals caged up because I have a certain peculiar fear. Of course this is a totally personal fear - that if a fire breaks out, a caged animal will not stand a chance to escape. I cannot have that happening. I know Bunny's Place is also enclosed and confined, but at least it's big enough, there are spaces to run to and there is enough time to let them out. As I've said, it's a very personal fear, probably inherited from a past life. Then, I also worry if I keep any cat caged, what if a snake came in and slithered into the cage. How would the cat escape? No, I'm not going to cage Indy tonight.

So I went to sit with Indy and talked to him. "Indy good boy, don't run away, okay? It's dangerous out there and you may get hurt. Stay here, Indy. Your place is here." He looked at me with those big innocent Indy-eyes which seemed to say....(I don't know what he was saying, honestly).

I have learnt, in my decades of living and experiencing life, that we only have moments and "everything that happens is meant to happen" and sometimes try as you might, you cannot alter destiny. However, having said that, it is no excuse not to give it everything you've got. So, you must do your VERY best and after having done that, you let go of all expectations and let things be. Some things are just beyond our control. And because of this principle that I hold on to, I have learnt to expect the worst but hope for the best. That is how I have always lived my life as far as I can remember.

So I looked into his innocent Indy-eyes and told myself, "If you're meant to run away, let's have a good moment now and I shall cherish this for the rest of my life" (that's the "expecting the worst" part - Done). Now, to hope for the best, "Don't run away, Indy, everything will be fine. See you tomorrow, okay?"

Then I went to bed and before I drifted off to sleep, I told myself I had done everything possible to ensure that Indy cannot escape. He's tried twice, but failed and he had already stopped trying. I cannot have him caged up. Not when I have those fears, as peculiar as they may be. The thought of a caged animal struggling to escape from a life-threatening situation is too painful for me.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and wondered if Indy had escaped, but I stopped myself from coming downstairs to check. I really cannot allow irrational fears to get the better of me. He will be okay, I told myself, now, go back to sleep.

Finally, dawn broke and I almost expected to see Indy in our bedroom, but no, there was no Indy. So I came downstairs and quickly checked. Everyone was in the room except Indy.

Oh worst fears realised?

I quickly went in and opened the back door...

 Indy walked in!

Yay!!  Hi Indy!!

I carried him up, hugged and praised him.

Breakfast time, and after that, everyone adjourned to the Clubhouse.

 This is Pole's new spot. Yes, she sleeps on my table now.

And that's good because Cleo has taken over the condo now (the doors are always open) and this means poor little Tabs can take back her penthouse and feel safer (from Bunny's attacks).

 And this will go on, I know.

It's instinctive to protect your territory. You cannot stop that from happening.

 And meanwhile, someone had forgotten his paw is "injured" and scratched furiously at his fish-pad!
(He only limps when he remembers to limp! Otherwise, he is fine.)

All moments to cherish and I'm glad they are good ones!

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