Friday, March 15, 2013

Indy on the warpath and the tshirt peace resolution

Indy was caught bullying Cleo yesterday...

 Oh no!

 Poor Cleo...look at her ears.

But I know Cleo can certainly defend herself.

 At this point, I intercepted and broke up the fight because Indy was about to charge already.

 Bunny wasn't interested in the fight, though.

The Boss.

Seeing how vicious he has become, I took up the suggestion of letting him wear his tshirt again...

 Hmm....this again?

 Having the tshirt on somehow (or am I imagining it?) subdued him a little...

 But he still gets very worked up with the patio family whenever they come into the house.

A really, really funny thing happened this evening when my husband came home from work. He had told Indy he will chase the patio family out, so the moment Indy saw him, Indy started gesturing to my husband where Rosie and Ginger were. After he had chased them out to the patio, Indy turned his body towards the kitchen and started gesturing. True enough, Starry and Timmy were there, so they got chased out as well.

You'd think cats can't speak or understand us...well, they can!

The other day, my son told Bunny to "attack Tabs" (for the fun of it) and you won't believe this, Bunny jumped down from the sofa and went over to Tabs and really turned aggressive!!  We stopped him in time to prevent any casualty.

 Peace...when the aggressor is asleep.

 We, the Tabby Inc., are peaceful cat-people.

 Four cats on the table? No way, Tiger is going down before any fight breaks out.

 An experiment...letting Tabs wear the tshirt.

 It's not hers, it's mine.

I quickly took it off!


Joy E. Saga said...

Maybe the happy face yellow tshirt will make him happy :)

Yen Ling said...

I've never seen Cleo being so terrified! I remember Indy being very calm and cool when I visit last time. The t-shirt should do the trick, I hope.