Thursday, February 2, 2012

Indy plays with Heidi (the Minpin)!

Would you believe it? Indy is bonding with Heidi, the minpin!

Tabs wants to play, too. And the rest of the clan? They are just watching...

 I decided Heidi was too lonely in the patio by herself (inside the cage), so I thought I'd try introducing her to Bunny's Place (and kept my fingers crossed that my cats won't run helter-skelter or get too stressed).

 That's Tabs watching the "new animal" .

 Indy looks interested.

 So does Heidi!


 I'm holding my breath....

 Tabs comes in to observe and Heidi pays her respects. Smart girl...

 Indy pursues...

 What do you know? Indy picks up the leash!!

 I'm holding the leash, you're not going anywhere!

 Really, Indy is holding the leash! I'm not imagining it!

Maybe, just maybe, Indy read my mind. Because I just read in a website that minpins should never be off-leash as they are terribly hyperactive and will step all over you if you lack discipline.  They are also terribly dominant, hence, you got to show them you're boss (something I fail at terribly even with my cats!).

 But now, Indy (hats off to him!) knows how to show who is boss!

 I'm the boss and I'm holding the leash. You ain't going anywhere without my approval.

 Tiger watches from the top of the condo.

 Hard to believe? It's true, folks. Indy is holding the leash.

 Pay respects first.


 You see?

 I'm not sure what this is about, but it looks good to me.

 Me? I'm just watching from my throne. I'm a cat. Cats rule, if you asked me.

Next...Heidi plays with Ultraman...stay tuned, Hooi Bin!

You're gonna flip! You can make Ultraman p-lows for minpins next!


Devakie said...

IMG 8480
"you better behave yourself, or else i'll slap you" Ha Ha Ha

Wil said...

Wow! So happy Indy n Heidi are frens now! XD

Alicia said...

Indy seems to be saying "Kiss the hand" in that pic. ^^

chankahyein said...

LOL!! How apt!!