Monday, February 6, 2012

And where does everyone sleep?

For the cats on the homefront, one's sleeping place changes with the hierarchy in the colony.

 Normally, Indy sleeps on my table, right next to me, but today, Cow took his place.

 Indy gets pushed back a little.

 This bungalow box was supposed to be for Tabs, but Bunny made a barter-trade with little Tabs....

 Bunny owns this apartment block, but since he is too lazy to jump to the 3rd and 4th floors, he has given up ownership to Tabs (oh wow...little Tabs owns the apartment block now! Why, she can rent out 8 apartments!), barter-traded for Tab's bungalow box.

 Cleo's rocking chair...don't nobody touch!

 Tiger just LOVES the condo, so Pole kind of allows him to stay on one floor of it.

 Indy must be a fan of Tony Bennett, 'coz this morning when we were watching the old crooner sing, Indy made such a racket, we had to bring him out. By the way, the coffee table and tv rack is made from recycled wood (from old ships). We want to support the environment. So, nowadays, you can have wood furniture from recycled wood. This wood must be around 80-100 years old or so.

 Okay, Indy, watch Tony Bennett....and Diana Krall!

 Indy had a tour of the living area. The shrine table is also from recycled wood. Another advantage of furniture from recycled wood is that the wood is so dry, it does not warp anymore.

 Oh, he used to love sitting on top of the piano in the old house.

 And he wants to do it again!

Meanwhile...inside the room, something else was happening...

 A Cow-Bobby conference was underway.


 Looks like some discussion over the roll of masking tape?

 Lunch time at the cat pantry!!

Pole dines in her condo and expects to be served. The rest eats in the cafeteria.

 Bobby has to be hand-fed.

 This is the only way I can make him eat, else he cannot smell his food, hence, he cannot find his bowl.

When Pole is out of the room, she sits a queen.

She is the only one who has "direct access" out of the room at anytime.
(She jumps out of the cat-grille!)

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