Monday, February 20, 2012

Tabitha Jane Spencer, a vagabond at High Noon?

Just when I've given Tabs a regal name, not only because she is cross-breed but also because she is very well-mannered (confident, but not aggressive, doesn't fight with anyone, and is obedient) she decided she'd be happier to be vagabond!

Yesterday, Indy was sulking till no end because he got told off many times for stalking poor Pole. Pole would be happily lounging on the sofa in the living room but the moment Indy spider-catted out, she'll flee to the porch. Then, Indy would jump out to the porch to hound her further and before you know it, both of them would be outside the gate on the road!

Tabs decided she too wants to be a vagabond like them, so since she could not jump over the cat-grille, she has now developed this remarkable lightning-speed escape trick where she would wait at the corner for anyone to open the cat-grille. The moment someone does, zip! she's out. And she would dash out through any opening, window or door, or whatever.

The moment she squeezes out of the gate, she practises "selective listening", ie. she cannot hear you anymore.

This morning, she did that again and when I went out to look for her, I found her on top of the neighbour's roof, prancing back and forth. I think she was very scared as her tail was all fluffed up. We managed to get her in through our window after a few minutes.

This afternoon, she escaped again, and went to the neighbour's garden. This time, she chose not to hear us (completely ignored us) and went to the back of the neighbour's house.

My husband called her back later, but she completely ignored him.

After sometime, I went out to call her and this time, she galloped back, as though she was so relieved to see me.

What a naughty girl....

Her Naughtiness Tabitha Jane Spencer, napping after an escapade at High Noon.

Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'...
I do not know what fate awaits me.
I only know I must be brave. 

(If you don't know the above song, you're young! It's from a classic from 1952 - that Ballad of High Noon, an academy award-winning song)

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