Friday, February 17, 2012

The escapades continue...(another Pole and Indy story)

As Dr Susanna has advised me, if no matter what you do, your cat wants to go out, it means she or he HAS to go out or she or he might turn neurotic if forcibly kept confined, even though you have provided a lot of space (which I have!).

She told me about these two cats who were totally neurotic because they wanted to go out and their owner refused to let them out.

So, Dr S advised me that if Pole keeps wanting to go out, let her go. She'll definitely come back and if she doesn't, it means she is terribly unhappy here and wishes to go away and look for a new home.

Well, Pole is actually happy - she only goes out to the living room and lounges.

 This is where she would be...but only if she is alone in the living room.

The problem started when Indy learnt how to spider-cat the grille and came out to stalk her. The moment Indy is out, Pole goes berserk and starts jumping out of the window to the porch. She needs to be AWAY from everyone else. She wants her own space, and we are talking about big spaces here.

Then Indy would go after her, just to stalk her, and this drives Pole further out of the gate to the road.

Poor Pole's peace was totally destroyed by Indy the Stalker.

And since Indy had a taste of the porch, he started venturing out further....out of the gate.

Guess old habits die hard?

 This evening, Indy went up the pillar. Well, he was actually at the neighbour's house and came back to sit on the pillar when I called him.

I thought I'd leave him there, since it's our pillar and he seemed very contented.


 Me and my pillar...

The pillar of our old house was also his favourite spot.

 Pole, going about her "mechanic" ways again.

Previously, at our old place, Pole was never this clean and white. She was always grey and sometimes even greasy...because of her mechanic part-time job (sleeping under cars on the tar road!). Ever since being confined in our new house, she's been so, so incredibly clean and white.

 And what about me?

Tabs has been sneaking out at the speed of lightning every time we open the cat-grille. She's so small and so fast, it is quite impossible to catch her. And my husband says she too has gone outside the gate to the road. Sigh...

And according to my husband, both Indy and Tabs pretend they cannot hear him once they are outside the gate. He cannot get them back. So far, they come when I call. So far only....



 No way out. We closed the doors and windows.

Just now, I had a bad scare. We could not find Indy. He was not on the pillar. So I went out to call him and there he was - coming back from TWO houses away! And from the drain, too. Oh dear...this is not good. And where was Pole?  Pole had gone out through our bedroom window and was strutting on the rooftop!

Oh gosh...enough, enough for tonight. I went up to call her and she sauntered back to the room.

 I brought both of them back into Bunny's Room, confined for the night.

My husband says Indy has become super-confident after the acupuncture! Well, yes, it could be so, because Tiger also became so much more confident after his acupuncture 3 years ago (He had Calicivirus and was FIV+; 3 vets could not do anything to help his limping and a bad sore on his neck. One session of acupuncture cured him and gave him a confidence I had never seen before. It's amazing how a person is transformed for the better once the qi flows smoothly again.)

So, our super-confident Indy has now turned into a stalker!  And a really alpha one at that!


cindy said...

Does Dr. Susan treats HUMAN patient? Just now I need supper-confident too :) :) :) !!

Jessy Lian said...

Yes, I wanted to ask the same question too! I'm interested to bring my mom for acupuncture session & was wondering whether Dr.S do acupuncture for human?

chankahyein said...

As far as I know, she doesn't. But you can always ask her at