Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the still of the night...

...I was already asleep but I thought I heard a mewing sound close by.  Too close for comfort...the cats are downstairs, how can the sound be so close?

I opened my eyes and there was Indy!

At our bedroom door!!

He was calling for me.

Now, how on earth did Indy escape and come upstairs?

Did I forget to close the wooden door?

An investigation ensued....

 Nope, I closed the door alright.

 Aha...just as I suspected...someone had discovered that they can slide open the cat-netting (actually, it's mosquito netting but serves as a cat-netting on the back window and back door in the kitchen).

Oh dear...this is bad. And why so? Because everyone (except Bobby) can jump up the window sill and if they all know they can slide open the cat-netting, everyone can jump in now.

 Pole is out too?

We think Pole must have figured out that the cat-netting can be opened and Indy just stalked Pole and followed whatever she did. Then, Indy came upstairs to alert us?

 That's the most probably theory, at least for now.

Oh well, can't say my life isn't full of challenges, eh?

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