Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tabs' 2nd vaccination

Last Friday, I brought Tabs for her 2nd vaccination.

 A bit of complaining during the short car-ride.

 I told the vet he said Tabs was "very alpha" but she doesn't seem to be so in my household.

The vet said Tabs IS alpha, but not aggressive.

Aha...alpha in a good way? As in, very confident?

 Yes, said the vet. Very confident.

And what can be more confident than walking straight into your house and saying, "Excuse me, folks, I've chosen to stay with you, ok?", the vet reminded me.

Yes, true...that's how Tabs joined our household.

She adopted us.

 You tell me, is that alpha or not?

Kind sir, what, may I ask, are you writing about me?

 Tabs was given her vaccination and given a clean bill of health.

There was no fever after that.

From last month till now, she has only gained 100g (from 2.7kg to 2.8kg). Since she is considered an adult, the vet said that's good. Tabs is slender and not obese, in good feline shape.  So, in short, Tabs is good.

Four vets have said Tabs has British Shorthair in her, so we have decided to lengthen her name to something a bit more British and regal-sounding. It's Tabitha Jane Spencer.

Er...why Spencer and not Windsor? Well, I think Princess Diana has done more charity than the rest, so Spencer it is.

 It was initially "Her Royal Tabness".

Just call me "Tabs".

And you may pinch my cheeks...


Yen Ling said...

She is adorable!

sillylupie said...

Helllloooo Tabs .... I sure would like to pinch your cheeks!! So chubby!

Connie said...

Her face very round like that Hello Kitty character :)