Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Escape is the fashion of the day

It is nothing new in my cat colony, since Pole has been escaping ever since we moved here. She is a free spirit, has been so ever since she got chased out by her brothers Cow & Bunny 4 1/2 years ago.
Yesterday, Indy made two desperate and determined attempts to scale the cat-grilled. Both were successful and once Indy was out, either he was just innocently touring the rest of the house OR there was some unseen (undetected by human senses) territorial competition between Indy and Pole (again, it's nothing new, because the two fight for space all the time in our old house where both has siestas at the neighbours), we noticed Pole went a little berserk and tried to jump out to the garden.
Hmm...this is NOT good. Not good at all. We don't want Pole living at the neighbour's again, please. I was told my new neighbourhood is dog-friendly, but am not very sure about it being cat-friendly.
So, this calls for immediate intervention and preventive measures.
What should we do?
This morning, we witnessed another episode...
 The masked one watches as the white one jumps out.
Sometimes, Pole "gazelles" out without a sound; she doesn't even need to touch any part of the cat-grille. Sometimes, she jumps to the top, and does a tightrope and even a waltz, if you please, before jumping out.
 Today seems more like a tightrope walk.
 Gingerly and effortlessly...
 The descent.... easy as pie!
 The masked one says, "What you can do, I can do better!"
 Little did we know, someone else was watching in amazement and full of admiration.
 Won't you teach me, please, please, please?
 Aww....please? Please teach me?
 I can do anything better than you!!
 Hmm....a little "not so graceful', but, shh...
 Poor little Tabs watches and wishes....
So we decided Pole is feeling really insecure now that Indy can jump out and terrorize her (imagined or otherwise, we don't know) and Pole, knowing her history, might run out to secure a place at the neighbour's again (like in our old neighbourhood).
We don't want that happening again, please!
So, we put Pole back into the cage. Was hard catching her this morning as she was evading us in the porch.
When I came back after work, Pole was still in the cage. Tiger was quite upset, because he couldn't go into the cage anymore, so he sat in my stationery tray on my table!
I let Pole out to eat, and there, starts another escapade.
Pole jumped out, Indy jumped out, and in the process of catching them back, Tabs sneaked out through the cat-grille!
So, that took up my lunch hour...
Now, all are safely back. Pole is in the cage again. Indy is not making any attempt to escape. I think Indy only escapes when Pole is out as he wants to stalk Pole.
 Safe and sound now.
 Indy, must you stalk Pole?
What's the story here, Indy?
Sigh...if only we knew.
And that's not all I have to contend with. Apparently, my husband says Cow is also stalking poor Pole...again.

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