Friday, February 24, 2012

Maximum security....finally!! (the new Pole-Indy-proof grille)

I had been waiting for the contractor, Ah Keong, to call me ever since he took the whole cat-grille back to figure out how best to cat-proof Bunny's room., he called!!

He came over with the full-length grille - added up from the old one. And he cleverly made a rectangular hole so that I could open the latch from inside the room. There is no latch on the inside (in case Pole figures out how to open latches, you'll never know, right?).


Actually, never mind about looking nice or not, as long as the cats cannot escape and give me heart-attacks by climbing onto neighbours' roofs or running off to the playground, I'm happy!!

 That's the hole for my hand to reach out for the latch.

 The latch is outside, so that the cats cannot open it.

 That's the latch.

 No way, huh?

 This time it was Cleo holding the street protest all evening, until now.

 Indy tried once to climb up and got as far as the horizontal bar. He couldn't go any further, so he's given up.

 Doesn't concern me...I'm the zippy one. I zip from the corner when they open the grille.

Actually Tabitha Jane Zippy escaped twice today, through the corner when Andy was here. She only ran as far as the porch and luckily, she did not go any further. I managed to get her back.

 Nope, I'm not going to make a fool of myself by even way.


For two days since Ah Keong took away the grille, I had had to keep the wooden door closed. There was an air of melancholy in the room as the cats must have felt a little "separated" from us even though I spend so much time with them inside. I also don't like the door closed as I want air to flow through.

I thought Indy looked depressed too.

Better monitor him closely. I wouldn't want him getting sick again, being the sensitive cat that he is.

Maybe he needs an acupuncture session?

But I'm so relieved that I've finally cat-proofed the room!


Cathy said...

Very nice! I just hope Ms Pole doesn't try to squeeze out of the "hole". *wink*

Chen said...

A tip to prevent cats from zipping through open doors gained from personal experience from stopping my cats from getting out of the front door - just point your toe in front of their noses; or if you are carrying something, put it in front of their faces as you are opening the door. The obstacle in front of their face confuses them and prevents them from zipping through the gap. After many unsuccessful attempts my cats stop trying to zip through the front door when I'm opening it (though once in long while one of them would try).

Susleen said...

Fancy jail :P

chankahyein said...

ha ha...more like maximum security resort living - they have a private room with a sofa set, fan and air-cont, a pantry, four toilets and a garden which ends in a clubhouse. The garden also doubles up as a convenient toilet if need be!