Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jailbreak at midnight!!

In the still of the night, our masked hero makes another attempt at breaking out...

He had already succeeded this evening at dinner time when a loud clanging and struggling sound was heard, and there he was, clambering for dear life and heaving himself up the vertical bars with all his might. He was out!



 It is none other than our masked hero....Indy Jones.

Yes, the man himself.

I'm not called "Indy Jones" for nothing, you know.

 He decides to explore the kitchen tonight...

After half hour, a bounty search was mounted and the jailbreaker was caught trying to scale the piano.

He was apprehended just in time, as he was about to bring everything down from the top of the piano!

 The escapee complains till no end.

Thus ends tonight's breaking news.

Stay tuned for further news tomorrow...

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