Saturday, February 25, 2012

More jailbreak and zippy attempts

Ever since the fool-proof maximum security cat-grille went up, there had been NO jailbreaks so far, but there were many zippy attempts by Cleo (all successful) and Tabs (quite successful).

 Tabs is actually incredibly smart. She has perfected the skill of hiding against the wooden door, pressing her body onto the door so that you almost cannot see her unless you take note of it. Then, the moment you open the grille, ZIP!! she's out!
 Indy is doing it the old-fashioned way - climbing and whining.
 I'll zip out when I want to zip out. After all, I have 100% success so far. And I don't go far. 
 You almost won't believe how smart Pole is. We caught her putting her paw outside the bars to feel for the latch, just in case there is any latch that low. I think she must have been watching how I open the grille (by disengaging the latch). She's feeling for the smart is that!!

 I'll figure something time.
 I might try the high wall and the green net next....
Stay tuned, folks...
Never a day is it Bunny's Place!

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