Monday, February 20, 2012

Nightmare on Street 5A - Indy lost...and found!

This was really serious and frightening....

Indy had gone out to the porch this evening and was sitting quietly at the porch in front of the little rock garden, just enjoying the evening air. Then it was dinner time, and I got him and Pole inside to eat.

Right after dinner, the two of them jumped over the cat-grille and went out again.

We thought they would just be at the porch, but we were wrong....

Pole as sitting at the porch, but not Indy.

We went out to look for him and couldn't not find him anywhere.

We called his name and walked up and down the road, there was no response at all.

This became extremely worrying. As peaceful as this neighbourhood is, there is always the possibility that Indy may have got injured or trapped somewhere, or worse...

 Not at the neighbour's - this seems to be a favourite for Pole, Indy and Tabs. They like rubbing their bodies on the rough cement floor of the porch. For Tabs, it is just so interesting exploring another compound.

 No signs or sounds of Indy at all. We looked inside the drains as well. Traffic volume is extremely low on my street, but all it takes in one fast-moving car.

While I was calling out for Indy, Pole kept coming out to help look and accompany me. Pole is really sweet.

 After more than half an hour, my husband spotted a cat running back from the playground, quite far away.

I quickly ran across the road, and YES!! It was Indy. He had gone so far away...

It sure looked as though Indy had got lost as he looked very worried and anxious, and he was running back.

I scooped Indy up and took him back to the house.

Now, both Pole and Indy are inside and I've closed the wooden door. Tomorrow, we'll have to get the contractor to Pole-Indy-proof the cat-grille. I think the faster would be to add a piece of polycarbonate on top to cover the rest of the  door space. I know Pole and Indy have to go out, but please...I can do without these heart-stopping experience.

 Indy back....phew!

You can't punish him or he would perceive coming back home as a punishment, so instead, he was given lots of treats.

 The rest of the welcoming-home committee.

Cow has been really naughty as he has started spraying again. He's already killed half of the Murayas on one flower bed with his daily spraying, now he has started spraying in the room....sigh.

Tabs wants to be the next escape-artist queen so she is someone to watch out for as well.

I guess the most obedient cats now would be...(in no particular order):

 Bunny Bun Buns

 Cleo (but she's really bored)


These three don't give me any problems or nightmares at all. They seem very contented where they are.

Well, at least I've got three happy cats.


Anita said...

eeee.....Kah Yein! It is so scary, must seriously cat proof the grill. I know how it feels. Last week, Flower slipped her harness before I could clip it on and I had the worse 5 minutes of my life. This is because my place in located on the main road and all kitties has always been indoors and would not know how negotiate traffic. I have been walking her around the garden during the whole quarantine period.

chankahyein said...

Hi Anita, Thanks! I've already cat-proofed it.