Friday, February 17, 2012

Daiso - 0, Pole - 1

I thought my worries were over when Pole gave up trying to escape through the gutter ledge after we fixed the Daiso cat-mat.

Today, she had a taste of the roof from our bedroom window and that must have totally exhilarated her and revived her interest and motivation to escape onto the roof again.

Just now, I found Pole on the gutter ledge again...

 Oh, oh...

 I watched her gingerly tiptoe onto the Daiso spiky cat-mat....effortlessly too, between the spikes.

 Verdict: Daiso - 0, Pole - 1.

 Close-up for a photo-finish.

 Got my husband to call her to get down and she did. But I bet she will try again now that she knows the Daiso mat is chicken feed.

 I'm bored to bits....

Poor Cleo, she did not inherit her mum's "gazelle-ing" ability so she cannot jump out. We want to let her out for walks, but she's also the type who does "selective listening".  She's got a very stubborn streak, typical of Calicos.

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