Saturday, February 25, 2012

Litter tales at Bunny's Place

So, I've been experimenting with Cat's Pride and Breeder Celect (paper-litter) for a week now, besides still using Ever Clean.

Here's the verdict:

1. Tabs took to Cat's Pride instantly, so I suspect that's the cat litter her former home must have used. But she only pees in it, not poo.  For poo, she still uses the mixed Ever Clean and paper-litter.

2. I have mixed the paper-litter in to every one of my Ever Clean litter boxes now. They all use it. I'm adding more paper litter each day.

I had a discussion with Dr Susanna over the subject of litter the other day and she says she has not had any problems with clumping litter for 18 years now. No illness whatsoever, associated with clumping litter has happened to her cats or tiny infant kittens that she fostered.  She also mentioned that if there was any harm in clumping, the Americans would have sued the companies bigtime.

Then, I had a chat with Andy over this. Andy and Emily have been to the factory in China where they produce clumping litter and they were told by the manufacturers that it is only clay and no chemicals are used. In fact, there are a few locations in China where this clumping clay can be found naturally, and China actually supplies the clay to the other US or Canadian-based companies that produces clumping litter. In fact, these companies have also OEM-ed their factories to China.  So, apparently, there is no chemical. It's just natural clay. Another friend also told me that.

Dr Susanna also said that cats like sand, naturally. That's true.

But paper is environmental friendly, and I do like that too.

Clumping litter has its advantages in that you get to scoop up the clump (all of it) and clear off the poo and pee completely from the box, keeping it as clean as you can.

In this one week, I must say Cat's Pride has great odour control. However, it doesn't clump, so i end up scooping and throwing more than is necessary. I've already finished the pack and it's only for Tabs alone. I did spot Cow and Tiger using it, too.

The mixed paper-litter and Ever Clean is getting along fine, too. I don't know if I would eventually switch entirely to paper-litter - that would depend on my brood.  Mixing is also a good option, for now.

Another great idea is to place Ever Clean at the bottom and paper-litter on top. That way, the cats would only be digging the paper and the urine seeps down to be absorbed by the Ever Clean which clumps it up. Then, we scoop up the clumped litter! That's Cathy's idea. I did that, but the paper and Ever Clean got mixed up in no time!!

 This litter-box contains the most paper-litter and Tiger used it last night.

 Bunny uses it, too.

 I clean the boxes at least 3 times a day on a work-day and maybe 5 times a day on weekends.


Bern said...

I actually think paper litter is not environmentally friendly...Because paper does not form naturally, some trees had to die for it, and although it's made from recycled paper, it was still paper to start with...All that process that went into it...Whereas clay is a natural as the stones that are formed on our earth :) But that's just my thought. Anyway, i used to use normal clay...But found it too dusty, so have switched to wood instead...Feline fresh to be exact. The purple pack one clumps and is flushable down the toilet bowl, the green pack ones does not clump. They are by-products of the wood industry e.g Sawdust and wood chips..So sorta the leftovers from furniture making factories...Which is also bad for the environment la. Darnn....

So many options :) Go with what works best for you :)

chankahyein said...

True, all that you've said. Go with what works, I suppose. Actually I'm happy with Ever Clean, only it's so pricey!!

Chen said...

I love Feline Fresh too. I've been using the clumping one for a long time, but it's getting hard to buy them. Most places don't sell or have stopped selling them, and so I stopped using it.