Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gorilla to the rescue?

My cats were quite freaked out and a bit concerned about this new animal which has entered our house.
What on earth is it, they asked.
It can't be a dog 'coz it doesn't look anything like Bobby....
And it's smaller than Tabs...yet it sure doesn't smell like a cat....
Take a look, they said.
 It's the cili padi minpin.
So while we were all abuzz trying to catch the minpin, the cats watched.
Finally, we got her and managed to force her (sorry, cili padi!) into the cage.

 And amidst all the commotion and the novelty of successfully (finally!) getting her into the cage, someone thought he should mediate....
 Good evening, sir.
(shh..it's Mr Gorilla)
He has definitely made the front lawn HIS territory now and I think he's actually trying to make friends with our cats. Look at the picture up there...
That's Cleo making friends with the Gorilla himself, in person, face-to-face.
 Suddenly, he heard a noise, and he went to investigate.
Mr Gorilla to the rescue, no worries, he seems to say.
I think I like Mr Gorilla Cat. He's a nice old chap.
 Scratch a bit...
 Cow came to peek after he went off.
Looks like Cleo is our spokeswoman in inter-gate relations.
 Off to investigate further.
 Uncle and niece consult further...what IS that new animal they brought in?
 I'll watch her, says Cow.

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