Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's.....the Sunnies!!! (Rozita Halim's)

Emails that never fail to get me all happy and excited are those that come from friends (previously, strangers) who have adopted kittens from me, particularly, those who still keep in touch with me regularly with photo updates - the Sunnies, the Blueys and Teddy & Xiao Li.

Sad to say, the earlier adopters are not contact-able anymore. They don't respond to smses or emails.  I can only hope the cats are fine. That's when we have no choice but to let go and pray for the best. No point dwelling on the negatives.

So, back to happy new now...

This morning, Rozita sent the boys (Rex & Bear) to be "altered" (neutered). The boys are back now and both are fine. Believe it or not, they are 7 months old now!

From Rozita:
After a long day at the vet, its munch time.
received pickup call at 130pm. When I arrived, Rex was already awake. Bear was still stoned :D. Bear slept thru the journey home, but not Rex. Meowing n meowing to be let out.
I also sent u a pic which I took few days back. Such a sweet pose which I just had to share with u n ur blog followers.
Good day n take care ya :)

And the million-dollar photos now....

 Fox and Rex...aww...(Fox's spaying will be next week).

Now, why don't my cats do this at all?

 Rex and Bear, after the "alteration".

Get well soon, Rex and Bear!!

(Bear = Honeybear)

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Tan said...

Heartwarming video to share.