Thursday, February 2, 2012

Minpin's owner found!

About an hour ago, a young man by the name of Li Siong called me and identified himself as the owner of the lost minpin. He had seen the poster I put up at the guardhouse this afternoon.

I told him to bring some identification, like birthcert or photos.

Li Siong arrived with his mother about half hour later.

There was no birthcert as Sunshine (that's her name...coincidental?) was a gift from someone who bred minpins.

But Li Siong showed me photos in his handphone.

When he called her name, Sunshine rushed to the cat-grille.

 Sunshine and Li Siong.


 Li Siong's mum.

We got talking and apparently, they lost two pedigree dogs last year. Both escaped as well. I told them to consider making their gate/fencing more secure or else Sunshine might run out again. Minpins are escape artists.

I also told them I had blasted out Sunshine's profile and if they had checked, but they were not aware of the website.

 The minpin and his master.

I requested a written confirmation from Li Siong that he is the owner.

 Indy says "bye". Poor Indy, and I thought he had finally found a playmate.

We walked Li Siong, his mum and Sunshine to the gate and wished them well. I hope they will secure their gate and fence  more carefully so that Sunshine will not run out again.

Am very happy Sunshine is back with his family.

But we all do miss her, too.


Don't be sad, Indy. You still have me.


kaven said...

I just lost my minpin today,due to old age.Heidi/Sunshine looked exactly like her! Glad that Sunshine's human found her. Minpin is kind of loyal family breed.Sob.

chankahyein said...

So sorry to hear that. May your minpin be in a better place now. You've given her a good life.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

I am so glad that Sunshine found her owner. So happy for her....