Monday, February 20, 2012

Cleo, the escape artist

I guess one by one, my cats are getting bored being confined in Bunny's Place although they have a room and a whole back garden to play in.

Just when I thought Cleo would not give any problems, she escaped just now!

All it took was for me to open the door to get out and with lightning speedy, she squeezed out and went upstairs.

Before we knew it, Cleo had gone out our bedroom window and onto the roof and was exploring the roof, but luckily still within sight.

We called her and as expected, she decided to just ignore us. This appears to be what cats do when they want to do their own thing.

I quickly told my husband to bring the Liv-a-Littles, a dry chicken treat (courtesy of Dr Susanna) which Cleo absolutely goes coo-coo over.

The treat did the trick.

Cleo came towards the window, and I grabbed her.

 Thank goodness I had this trump card - the Liv-a-Littles treat. Otherwise there would be no way I could retrieve her from the roof.

But I'm bored!!

Yes, I know you are, Cleo, but you fellows don't want to listen and it's not safe roaming around at night. Sorry, you can't go out, especially at night.

Now I'm thinking of what to do with the cat-grille. My options are:

1. Remove the grille and get the contractor to add on until it becomes a full-length (jail-like) grille.

2. Add a piece of polycarbonate on top - not very nice but it would do the trick and it's the fastest solution.

3. Andy Lew (@ Blueys) suggested I replace the wooden door and the cat-grille with a glass swing door. Sounds like a great idea - they can see outside and but cannot go out as the glass door would be too heavy for them to shove (unless the heavyweights collaborate and push with all their might). But they can still sneak out at their lightning speed when we open the door. All they need is a small 4-inch gap.

Now, Indy and Cleo are mewing really loudly in protest.


Cathy said...

I like Andy's suggestion. :) You can always put a play pen as a low "door" (like what I use at my boarding area). Not straight across but 2 pieces that acts like a gate. The cats can easily jump over it but it gives you that 2 second lead to get out. And you can always decorate the glass door with little cat themed stickers. Good luck with whichever option you choose.

Connie said...

Hi Dr Chan,

How about placing mosquito netting (the durable type) to all the windows upstairs? The escapees wont be able to go outside the roof through the window. You can always open the window to let the fresh air in. If you want to see sample, later I will e-mail you photos of my window with the installed mosquito netting.