Thursday, February 9, 2012

More sillylupie p-lows for my brood!

After seeing how much Indy loves the Ultraman p-low that Joy E. Saga (thanks, Joy!) got for him when Indy ran away from home during the Bluey days, and how much they like to share the p-low, I ordered another two from

Take a look at the excitement it generated yesterday evening when I collected the p-lows:

 Cow? Is that Cow?

 The floral one is for the girls.

 Yes, it IS Cow playing with the chequered one. And the rest are watching Tabs.

 Bunny seems to be saying, "May I try, please?"

 Oh, yippeedy doodah!

 Indy, showing off the three p-lows in the house now.

Of course his Ultraman p-low is a classic by now, as evidenced by....well, how "used" it is. Used = Well-liked.



 Bunny loves it too!'re taking photos?

These Silvervine p-lows are available for mail order at

There are other great stuff there, too.

Do check it out!!


Joy E. Saga said...

Wow Kah Yein! The Ultraman is now 1st generation! It truly looked well used but still intact :-) Mine at home is torn already!!

So nice to see their kittens side come out to play :-) Great stuff this P-Lows Bin!

HMynn said...

Hahaha, the last photo is hilarious!