Thursday, February 9, 2012

I say, the Berlin Wall in down!

Breakfast was later than usual this morning because I hardly had any sleep last night!
The Indy-and-Pole team made two attempts are breaking through the cat-netting from the kitchen window. The first, you've already read. The second happened minutes after the first was thought to have been taken care of!
This time Indy came upstairs again and do his usual "calls", and when I got down, I saw the cat-netting opened even wider, and guess what, Pole had gone BACK to Bunny's Place and was lounging on the deck chair, looking nonchalantly at me with the most innocent face you've ever seen. I could almost hear her say, "Yes? You have a problem? Can I help you?"
After the first attempt, we had allowed Pole inside the house while Indy was back at Bunny's Place. This means, Pole even know how to open the cat-netting from kitchen the kitchen, let Indy come out, and she went back inside! Smart girl!
So, I put Pole AND Indy back in Bunny's Room and that's that. Gosh, I need some sleep, please! I have four hours of Calculus, straight, this morning.
The phone alarm blared this morning, and I finally reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at 6.15 and what did I find in Bunny's Place?
 Someone (I don't know who!) had torn down the last panel of the cat-netting and placed it ever so neatly on the ground.
I checked and it's the last panel. Now, how on earth did they place it so neatly on the ground away from where it was torn down?
Beats me!
And doesn't it look like they are using it as a ramp to get up to the window sill (not that they need to, since they can all jump up easily).
But everyone was kind of inspecting the piece of netting and again, I could almost hear them say, "Don't look at me, it wasn't me!"
Luckily it was the last panel, because only the two middle panels of the glass sliding window are open. So, nobody could get in as there is another layer of sliding glass window on this last panel.
But I'm sure it would be just a matter of time before they figure out which panel to tear down!
 Yups, the Berlin Wall is down...
Er...we (the humans) have already conceded defeat, you know.

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