Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Can See" for Bobby!

Finally, the Can See eyedrops arrived yesterday morning and I was thrilled to bits! (testimonies)

It is an eyedrop to address the problem of cataracts, and it's meant for humans but pet owners have used it successfully in the treatment of cataracts in dogs, too. If only I had known about it earlier before Bobby became so blind....but never mind, it's never too late to try.


 It took more than 2 weeks for the parcel to arrive from the U.S.




 The website says it would take about 90 days before one can "see" results, but some testimonies claim that the results can be as fast as 3 weeks.

No harm trying since some of my friends said it had worked wonderfully for their dogs.

I haven't heard of any personal human testimony, though!




Susleen said...

Hope it works for Bobby !

Bern said...

Praying for sight for bobby

Lee said...

Dr.chan, thanks for sharing. Will get for my shah tsu too! As he is also having cataracts, despite his young age. vet said couldn't get this in Malaysia. Thanks a lot for d info.

Cass said...

Hi Dr.Chan,

May I know from where did you buy it from? My Maltese has early-stage cataract & I would like to try it on him.


chankahyein said...

Cass, the link to purchase is in the post:

Cass said...

Thanks very much.