Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tiger's condition

Tiger has finished his medication already and the vet feels he should be off medication for some time, and let his body heal naturally, as much as possible. 

On my own, I am now giving Tiger Spirulina Pacifica (a supplement for humans, supposedly a very good one), one capsule per day.  I hope this would boost his compromised immune system (Tiger was tested FIV positive last week, and has a persistent limp on his leg fore leg which cannot seem to heal).

The other persistent wound on the back of his ear is healing very nicely now and I'm glad.

Here's Tiger, striking a majestic pose on the kitchen slab.

Tiger did not like the large condo-cage I bought him, so I exchanged that for a one-layered cage, which he prefers.  Suki also got a brand-new cage with a ladder, which SHE loves!

I "bribe" Tiger with sardines (his favourite!) so that coming home isn't such a bad thing, after all.  He still prefers to go to the neighbour's house in the day time, and come evening, I will go over and bring him back. 

I've noticed (or I'm just being optimistic and hopeful) that Tiger has begun putting that limp paw on the floor more often.  For me, that's a good sign and an improvement.  No harm thinking positive and being optimistic.  The vet had said he would probably limp for life, so any minute improvement is a good sign for me.

But normally, here's how he would sit.  Notice the limped paw is slighty above the floor.

Are you seeing double?  No, no...that's Wii on the left (Vixey's brother).  Both of them are looking at Indy and Bunny on the kitchen slab.

Indy and Bunny, getting their fill for the day.

Due to my two domineering alphas, Cow and Bunny (that's Cow on the washing machine), Tiger does not have his own space in the house (or rather, he had never fought for one, being the Gandhi that he is), that is why he prefers the neighbour's porch.

Here's Tiger, waiting for me to open the window so that he can go out into the garden, and later, to the neighbour's house.

That's Bobby keeping a close watch on Tiger.

"Tiger is my best friend, so don't nobody try to bully him!"

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