Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a life!

These are scenes in my house, after breakfast....

Tiger, sleeping in a very relaxed position.  I cage him for a while after breakfast before letting him go to the neighbour's.

Bobby fast asleep, too. his classic "after meal" pose.

Cow was awaken by the clicking sounds of the camera.

But someone is not asleep.  She is scavenging the remains of the other people's food bowls.

The rest of the cats have all gone out for the morning nap.  Only the alphas remain - Cow and Bunny....and Suki (she is fast establishing her position as the female "alphie" in the house!) 


YenLing said...

U know, I just realised, Bunny is always sleeping. When I visit the house, he is sleeping. Neither does he wakes up to walk around. He will look at me with a sleepy face and carry on zzzzz.

Suki being Suki. =)I guess she is young and hyper and couldn't care-less. Hey, I want to play means I want to play. Oh, goodie! Free Food...aummyum yum yum.

p.s. Poor Tiger having such a neighbour worst, gave up and exchange houses. Suki must be happy bringing the house down (literally)

chankahyein said...

She brought TWO ladders down in the new condo cage that I had earlier bought. I returned it because Tiger did not like it at all. Suki loved it, though, but she climbed on the outside, not the inside! And she would go all the way up to the rooftop to sleep. Gave her a sense of superiority, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Suki, it is not pretty to be a "Phay Mui" you know ... all princesses are slim and pretty, darling .... hehehheheee!!!

KY, sometimes they grow up to be different. I have a gugurl who used to be so very energetic and full of play, she simply charged at everyone in sight and checked everything out like a potential Sherlock Holmes but my, when she grew up, she became quite a lady! She did not bash up anyone and was just contented to be a pretty dainty princess.

However, a grey tabby that had been a very timid kitten (yes, got bashed by everyone and would run and squeeze into your lap the moment you sit or squat down to hide. It was like she just wanted to be invisible and hide in the farthest corner or the deepest hole from everyone! But she grew up and tries to chase everyone, including the boys out of "her" house!

Phew!!!! Just when you think you got them all figured out, more surprises await you .....