Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tiger's news

Ever since Tiger was found to be limping, I've been going out to the road to "call" him back every day.  It usually takes about 20 minutes of calling, and he would appear from nowhere and walk towards me.  Even my neighbour doesn't know where Tiger is.  Somehow, he would just appear when I call.

This morning, after a whole night of being caged in his new condo, Tiger appeared to be very stressed.  He also did not poo or pee all night.  I thought the stress won't do him any good, so after his breakfast and his medicine, I let him out.  He went into the garden, then disappeared.  Even limping, he can move pretty fast. 

I did not see him all afternoon.  I thought I should not disturb him since his next dose of medicine is only due in the evening. 

This evening, after coming back from the vet's with Bobby and Suki, I went out in the rain to look for Tiger.  It was already 7.30pm and it was still raining.  Each time I call for Tiger, I am always afraid he would not come out.  

This evening, I was more afraid than usual because for the past few days, I had been bringing him home to be caged and given medicine to.  And he definitely did not like it.  I was afraid Tiger might choose not to come out anymore, or worse, to run away.  

Nevertheless, I called and called.  

Tiger was nowhere to be seen. 

After 20 minutes, I thought I'd go back.  Maybe he won't come out in the rain. 

Just as I was closing my small gate, out of nowhere (again!), Tiger walked towards me and looked at me with his soulful light green eyes. 


I dropped the umbrella, scooped him up, and praised him for coming back.

I quickly brought him into the house, bolted the windows, and brought him into my room.

I thought I should give him a treat since he agreed to come back (I know the vet would never agree to such bribery), so I gave him Mac's AD.  Normally, Tiger doesn't like meat, but he ate the AD very heartily.

I've decided (for now) that I must bribe him every day - as an incentive to come home, so that I can let him rest and also feed him his medicine.

Here's Tiger, happily snuggled up in his baby basket, after an AD dinner.

Bobby coming to see Tiger, but can't help scratching his ears because of the ear cleaner.

Hey, old friend...

But why am I in jail? 

Jailbird Suki had been EXTREMELY naughty and almost destructive today.  When put in the small cage outside this morning (I was spring cleaning and needed to bring recyclable materials out to the garbage bin, so had to keep the door open), she even got her head stuck between the cage door and was screaming in pain.  Luckily I was home. 

No more caging her in the small cage.  She is getting to be too strong for it. 

Later, in Tiger's condo, she created havoc and brought down the ladders....TWICE.


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