Friday, November 20, 2009

Imagine...(Tiger's updates)

Two weeks ago when I was told Tiger would limp for life and suffer from all sorts of complications due to his FIV+ status, it was like being given a near-death sentence.  But that's the thing with some vets (and this is not the first time I've experienced this - Bunny is also FIV+ and I had a firing from the vet when I refused to have him put down two years ago).

So I started acupuncture for Tiger under Dr Susanna Brida, gave him the daily spirulina, and the rest is history, for all of you who have been following his news.

Tiger is now walking and running on all fours.  He is so much more confident, and he now comes back a few times a day after his sojourn with his tabby friends at the neighbours.  Having Tiger come back by himself without me going over to call him out and carry him back is already a great achievement, if you know what it was like earlier on.  There were times when I went up and down the road, looking inside drains and houses, calling for him, in the heavy rain, only to have him finally come out on my 3rd hunt or so.

But most importantly, he is not limping anymore now, and the wound behind his ear has healed. 

Imagine this, many vets still advise owners to have their FIV+ cat euthanised upon diagnosis because it is the "socially-responsible" thing to do (so that they dont go around biting others and getting them infected).  And how many owners abide by this because they do not know any better?  Or to be told they "should" isolate their cat for life in a cage because again, it is the "socially-responsible" thing to do.  And also, to be told the cat will develop all kinds of FIV symptoms later on and suffer, so might as well put it out of its misery now....   

We are sometimes a rather misinformed public.

The fact is, I have just found out now, that it is very difficult for FIV to be transmitted through bites.  Most FIV+ cases are congenital, transmitted from mother to child. 

My other cat, Bunny, is also FIV+.  He has only been sick once.  Right now, he is the strongest of my entire colony.  We call him the "muscle-man".  Two years ago, I was given an earful by my vet for choosing NOT to have him put down. 

"I have no right, and I see no reason.  He merely has the antibodies of an illness.  That is no reason to have him put down", I said. 

Let us be more informed, through our own reading and sharing, folks.  We are talking about lives here, they are beings who can think and feel.  They should never ever be at our mercy, especially when we know so, so little. 

Trust Nature to do what's right.  Not humans.

Of course I do know FIV+ positive cats might have more problems than the normal healthy cats, and I am prepared to face them as they come. 

One thing at a time.  What comes, comes, but let it come naturally when it is meant to be. 

Happily scratching on our rattan trunk, which is the cat's scratching "post".

Definitely walking on all fours now.

Sitting on Cow's chair, something he has never dared to do before this (Cow is the alpha in the house).

Tiger comes and nudges on me each time he comes home.  I think he wants to say "thank you".

Tiger-Miger, Tiggery-Too!  You're well now!

It is very tiring (but fulfilling) managing AnimalCare, and keeping up with work and family.  BTW, this is Bunny, our other FIV+ positive cat (the muscle-man).  This is his favourite sleeping place.  This photo was taken by my son last night. 

P.S. Dr Susanna, if you are reading this, please note that we found the twelfth needle yesterday while cleaning the room.  No, it was not in the poop!  It was on the floor.  (Dr Susanna put in twelve needles for Tiger's treatment, but we only managed to collect eleven after that.  But the good dr assured me the needles are harmless even if ingested, which is most unlikely.  Cats aren't that dumb!) 


YenLing said...

Bunny - I lurve your sleeping post.
This is indeed a lovely picture, really.

My dog sleeps on me like this but I can't breathe for long!!

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

agree with yenling - i do have one pic like dat but my face look horrible - still the cute one is the cat.. ^_^

Dancing Butterfly said...

Dr. Chan, I distinctly remember watching a program on Discovery Channel some time ago that experts (humans) are actually studying cats to find out how they are able to overcome the immune deficiency virus genetically in order that we humans may find the answer for ourselves.

They are absolutely baffled over the discovery that the animals have this ability which we humans do not and it seems the capability is in the animal's genes.

So, maybe ignorant vets, that are so fast to pronounce the death sentence on the innocent animals and take their lives, ought to be "euthanised" themselves to prevent them posing a danger to innocent animals, eh?