Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mac's final journey

Mac's final journey and last rites:

Mac riding in the front seat, with Ming-Yi.

We brought Bobby along, too.

At the crematorium, we say our final goodbyes.

Best friends and sparring partners of 13 years.

My husband and Mac.

My father and Mac.

My mum whispers something to Mac. 

Just think, some humans don't even have the privilege of having family around them in their last journey...

James places Mac on a trolley, and wheels him into the furnace.  We all say our goodbyes as we watch the ignition and the door closes.

For Vixey's cremation, we went home after this point and James brought her ashes over the next day. 

Today, we stayed on because Ming-Yi had decided she wanted Mac's ashes to be scattered in the sea.  So we would wait till the cremation is complete.  James will do the final scatter off Pulau Ketam, in the same place as human ashes are scattered.  He hires a boat out for this purpose. 

We also decided we would let him scatter Vixey's ashes as well.  It has already been one-and-a-half months, and it is time to let go now.  James will pick up Vixey's ashes tomorrow from me, and scatter them together with Mac's. 

This is the waiting area.  James has set up a very, very nice and serene place for his clients to wait. 

Incredibly neat, tidy and simple.  I wish my house was this neat and "empty".

This is the columbarium.  Some people choose to place their pets' ashes here, while others place it only for a certain period before they opt for burial and other means of disposal.

Newspaper articles about James and his work.

A Chinese article.

From the English tabloids.

James gave up a bank career to start this memorial service when he realised there is a lack of such services for the community. 

I highly recommend everyone to support him simply because he is so very, very sincere in what he does.  He also does burial in unmarked graves (in the oil palm estate).  What he provides may not have the poshness and luxury of the more expensive (read: commercialised) services, but James' services is simple, dignified and elegant.  And he is very honest.  While my personal preference is simplicity and this suits me well, I am most impressed with his sincerity and compassion, most of all.   

Please support James Kho's compassionate work:

There is soft music, magazines and drinks while we wait.

Bobby finally settles down and waits with us.

After an hour, the cremation was done.  James wheeled Mac's bones and ashes out for us to see.  They were very white and neat. 

Mac's ashes will be scattered in the sea, along with Vixey's.

Coincidentally, the moment we finished viewing Mac's ashes, the sky suddenly broke and there was very heavy rain.  The Malays like to call this "hujan rahmat" (blessed rain), and it often happens after a significant event. 

For Mac, it wouldn't be "rest in peace" because knowing him, he is already up and about, running around, barking non-stop in another part of the universe.

So, bark on, Mac!  But don't drive your new neighbours up the wall, please!

May you be well, happy and cheerful, Mac!

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Li Lian said...

This posting made me cry again.

Mac, may you be well and happy!