Monday, November 16, 2009

Suki is bored, and Bobby is lonely

Bobby has been feeling very lonely ever since Mac passed away.

He had been doing "cranky" things like poo-ing in the living room, following us very closely, forcing open the bathroom door to get into the bathroom with us, etc. 

He must be feeling the loss the Mac, his compatriot of 13 years.

On the other hand, Suki is bored, being confined inside the house.  A double-storeyed linked-house is just NOT big enough for one 4 month-old kitten. 

I need real trees to climb, not iron grilles!

Her indoor adventures often require rescue work.

So since it was Saturday and everyone was home, we decided to let Suki have a run of the garden.  It is not that she doesn't get to go out - she escaped four times on Friday when the technician came to fix the internet and even went inside the car engine.  Yes, she IS a handful.  Good old dependable Indy is ALWAYS on hand to keep an eye on her, and to play with her.

Wheee!!  This is such fun!

Catch me if you can!

Now you see me, now you don't.

The other Calico-queen, Cleo, watches nearby.

The two queens and Bobby.

And Indy, of course.


Mar said...

2 queens and Bobby ... and Indy, of course? Heheheee!!!

THE EMPEROR AND THE EMPRESS, 2 queens and Bobby, more likely .... hail your majesties! Hehhehehehee!!!

My,my KY! Your hubby does have a way with dear Cleo ... a man and his kitty, what a tender sight!

... oh yea, before I forget, hey friend, it is time for the little one to be spayed already ... 4 months, isn't it? it is time, our local little girls go into heat and get preggy and 4 months ... and when first I started adopting cats, lots of people fed me the wrong info to wait till 6 months and all my 4 tiny little girls went into heat! I saw them dragged by the neck by toms at least 6 times their sizes when they tried to hide under the cars.

Boy, I had to run after them and grabbed my little girls one by one and immediately spayed them! Phew!

Spay little Suki before she runs out secretely to date the boys ... hard being parent to a teenage girl, yeah? You would wait up all night wondering if she is safe, if she is with the right company ... and Papa would wait up all night for her to come home, hiding behind the window curtain with a shotgun in hand ....

Carolina said...

It was such a beautiful moment! :)

chankahyein said...

Hi Mar, I think I'll wait a bit until she reaches 6 months. She doesn't go out of the house unsupervised, and all the males in my house are neutered. I'll watch over the naughty one.

Wen said...

neo got fat