Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feeling on top of the world?

This morning, when I woke up and looked outside my window, I saw Tiger sitting on top of the pillar, something the rest of the cats do (especially the alphas) but never Tiger. 

He was probably literally feeling "on top of the world", and he certainly behaves so.

In the house today, Suki was irritating him (as usual), and we saw him hop from the floor to the piano stool and on to the table.  Yes, on all fours!

And this evening, I went out to look for him in the rain, but could not find him at all.  He is probably feeling much better, so he does not want to come home to be caged.  "I don't need to rest anymore", he is probably saying.

It took me three hunts down the road before he finally appeared from under a car. 

He is back now, in his cage, and sleeping like a log! 

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Buttercups said...

Tiger's progress is so encouraging. Please keep up with the updates. So encouraging to see that there are actually alternatives available besides simply giving up hope and killing, especially when advised so by our very own vets.