Monday, November 9, 2009

Acupuncture for Tiger

My friend, Alicia, told me about an animal acupuncturist a few weeks ago, but at that time, I had no case that required help.

And yesterday, Kelvin Ng wrote to say a certain acupuncturist had done wonders on Legacy, the dog he had rescued off the street (please see previous posting).  Coincidentally, at the Cat Show, Alicia advised me to seek alternative therapy for Tiger.  She mentioned acupuncture, chiropractic help or reiki.

So today, I contacted Dr Susanna Brida, a vet who practises acupuncture on animals.  She is also the one whom Kelvin Ng had consulted for Legacy. 

I'm arranging for an appointment for Tiger today, if possible. 

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, please read more about Dr Brida:

And also, if you know of any reiki master or teacher (better still, if he/she specialises in treating animals), could you give me his/her contact details? 

Thank you.

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