Sunday, November 15, 2009

A FAILED Coup de Tat!! (foiled by Bunny)

The ever-so-naughty one, Suki attempted another coup de tat this morning, on Bunny.

Being a rainy day, Bunny had found a nice and comfortable spot to sleep on - on top of Suki's cage. 

What are YOU doing on top of MY cage?

Poke, poke!!

Hey, small fry...stop disturbing me!

Bunny wins!!

The defeated one sulks...

But wait...later, after a few hours, I found that Bunny had migrated over to Tiger's cage next door.

So, was it a failed coup de tat, after all?  Delayed victory? 

Oh well....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Suki: Uncle Bunny, you see dat pink pack up there? Yes, dat pink wan filled up my yum-yum ... see it even has my name written on it - "RC KITTEN 36" ... can you drop it down for me, please? I am awfully hungweeee ....

Bunny: Is that all you ever think of? Food, food and more food? What, you eat to live or live to eat? You wanna be a Phay Pho? Didn't somebody tell you that it is not cutie to be a Phay Pho?

Suki: (Sulking ...) I don't care, I am hungweeee .... I am pwetty ... and will be still be pwetty, phat or phin ...... hrrmmmmmphh!