Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bobby's new look!

I had been far too busy to groom Bobby for the last two weeks and decided that I should let my friend, Cathy Thong, who has taken grooming classes, to do Bobby up instead. 

So, for the first time in his 13 years, Bobby went for his first professional grooming this morning (we've always trimmed his fur ourselves in the past, and we don't do such a good job!). 

Well, well, well............

HERE'S......................Bobby with his new look!

All fluffed up, like a little....very neatly-groomed poodle!  And I asked to maintain his furry snout as I did not want it clean shaven.

I requested for a simple cut, without the bobs here and there.  I am thoroughly impressed with Cathy's skills.  She spent 3 hours with Bobby today.

When I came home, Cathy had walked Bobby home already (we live nearby) and I saw this "blob" of furry white "cushion" on the floor, all curled up and sleeping soundly. 

It was Bobby!

Normally, when we trim Bobby's fur ourselves, he would get very upset after that, and would hide under the sofa.  Today, he is very happy with his new look. 

Now, Bobby's ready for his first class this Saturday, with Mike Tan.


Li Lian said...


Nice though Bobby looks like a young chic now!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Beatle ... a handsome young George Harrison :-)

How is he faring? Still missing his pal Mac?

YenLing said...


I must come visit Bobby in his new do. So superstar lah. Is he coming along this Saturday?