Monday, November 9, 2009

Mac is much better now

We were told last week that Mac was dying and his ruptured cornea would not heal.  The eyedrop would just prevent it from getting worse, and it would be good enough if the condition of his eye remains status quo.

After more than a week's medication and nursing care, Mac seems much better now.  Last night, he even barked and attempted to ward off Bobby's invitations for a fight! 

Here's Mac.  The pus from the ruptured cornea has actually shrunken very significantly. 

He still has to be handfed three times a day, though.  He is still on the liver supplement (Liv-52 from Himalaya), Neurobion, Baytril and painkillers. 

I hope Mac feels better - I think he does, judging from his behaviour.

My daughter is back for holidays now, so she can help look after Mac as well.

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