Monday, November 16, 2009

Tiger's 2nd acupuncture treatment

Dr Susanna came today, for Tiger's 2nd acupuncture treatment.  The doctor is very happy with Tiger's progress (and so am I!). 

Tiger's appetite has improved tremendously, he can walk and run on all fours now (though he still limps occasionally), and the persistent wound behind his ear has not erupted again so far. 

I am happy for the above!

So, Dr Susanna gave Tiger his 2nd treatment today.  We started by bribing Tiger with some delicious snacks - tuna and a holistic apple-glazed titbit from New Zealand (may I have some, too?).

As the needles went in, Tiger was given the whole can of water-based tuna.  He was so happy he did not protest in the slightest!

Poke, went the needles...all twelve of them.

Good boy, Tiger.  All 12 needles in now.  Our friend is stil happily eating the tuna. 

Suki was extremely well-behaved, and she stole Dr Susanna's heart, so our "girlie" (that's what the good doctor calls her) got some tuna as well.

Tiger, very contented after the treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, Tiger showed Dr Susanna he could run on all fours!  And ran off to the neighbours.  

Dr Susanna said Tiger's tongue still looks purplish, and this indicates there is still "blood stagnation".  But his pulse has improved.  So there would be another treatment next Thursday, and from there, we would evaluate Tiger again, and see if he needs more acupuncture or go on herbs.


Singapore Community Cats said...

In Singapore, there is an "animal" acupuncture called Dr Oh

Treatment is costly.

Singapore Community Cats said...

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ManekiNeko said...

I've always said I would try acupuncture to treat my own ailments if and when I develop them, and your experience with Tiger is even more encouragement. I'll keep acupuncture in mind for Maneki, as well! Thank you for sharing the story and photos.