Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiger's progress

Upon the discovery that Tiger is FIV+, the vet had said his limping would never heal and he would limp for life. 

So, I opted for TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) under Dr Susanna Brida, and Tiger had his first acupuncture treatment on Monday. 

After the treatment, the first thing I noticed was Tiger slept much better and more relaxingly, his confidence improved, and he definitely ate better!

This morning, Tiger could walk AND run on all fours, with only a slight limp.

I'm amazed, and very thankful!

Besides that, I have also been giving Tiger the liquid spirulina (thank you, Sumitra) and Tiger was also given Mary Yap's "Dharma pills" (thanks, Mary).  

The vet also said Tiger's persistent wound at the back of his ear will not heal, and even if it does, it will erupt every now and then.  Well, the wound HAS healed and has not erupted again so far.  Normally, in the past few months, it would erupt within 1-2 days. 

TCVM, Spirulina and Dharma Pills - whichever one, or all of them - I am keeping these as "constants" in Tiger's recovery plan.

Walking on all fours

I want to go out!


Leong said...

Hope that Tiger will get better and better.
I have 1 cat suffering from constipation. Wonder TCVM will help. How to get to Dr Susanna Brida ?

chankahyein said...

Singapore Community Cats said...

Vets and doctors as well should learn from this and be humble...never use "never"

Dr. Susanna said...

Dear Tiger! Congratulations! Your "guardian angel" and your own healing powers are running on a "high" :) Keep up the good work and don't worry ever about those "baby needles" again. Although they must have felt like your "enemies" (according to your mood during acupuncture) these hair fine little guys are "your inner balance' best fiends" :p)
Lots of airkisses to you - Dr. Susanna