Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mac's "grandparents" pay last respects

My parents live in Bukit Rimau and we drove them over since they wanted to pay their last respects to Mac before his cremation. 

In the last 13 years, whenever we went on overseas holidays, we would send Mac and Bobby (that's before the cats came) back to Ipoh to my parents' place for babysitting.  I moved my parents down nearer to me only recently. 

My parents love Mac and Bobby like their own grandchildren.  Indeed, they are more pampered there than at home!

Bobby still trying very hard to wake Mac up by licking him vigorously.  He even tried to pull Mac out of the basket, and kept trying to wake him up by pawing him. 

My father with Mac, while my mum looks on.

My mum with Mac.  Suki is also there.

Bobby licking Mac again.

Bobby telling my mum something...and my mum is consoling him.

Bobby was near all the time.

Tiger say goodbye.

Soon, James Kho of Pet Memorial Services, whom I had contacted this morning to make arrangements for Mac's cremation, called to say we could bring Mac on his final journey.


Mar said...

Kahyein, your updates are so touching, you have very wonderful parents. Poor Bobby, it is hard enough for me to lose even a stray cat/kitten that I have rescued and cared lovingly for even if it had been only for several days, so to lose precious Mac who has been with you 13 years is a real, real ouch! Bobby will have it the hardest I think, poor boy!

Take care, friend and watch out for Bobby. He hurts loads ...

Goodbye, wonderful Mac ... goodbye sweet Vix .... oh, I am crying too ....

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Mar. Death will come to all of us one day too. There is no escape. So, while we are still alive and kicking, let's do all we can for the benefit and wellbeing of those most in need. To me, there is much human charity already. So I focus on the animals. I feel their pain.

Anonymous said...

I am in spirit and mind with all of you. I wont forget you Mac. You are such a brave little fellow. You have a lion's heart packed in a little body.

Goodbye Mac.

Li Lian said...

Kah Yein,

I become very emotional when it comes to accepting death of an animal.

Thank you for the gentle reminder again that death is part of life.