Monday, November 23, 2009

Our tshirt mascot

Our tshirt sales was pretty good in these two days at the fair.  But stock-checking took me a few hours last night!  But I'm done for today. 

We're glad many people like our simple design.  I was asked how we came up with the design and colours.

Well, here's our inspiration (she is helping me stock-check):

Spot the kitten...

Hmm...which size fits me?

Never first!!


YenLing said...

That is SO... Suki! Perhaps after she is neutered she will be less active and more docile (errr..lady like?)

Dancing Butterfly said...

No, YenLing, the princess will NOT be more ladylike after spaying, just a more cuddlely (?spell?) cute little Phay Pho. But she will start to be less active after about 1 year upon entering adulthood ... Kahyein will then start missing her little antics and maybe get another similar horror to tear down the house once more! :-)