Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And how is Tiger doing?

I spent the morning hunting around for as many types of better quality canned food as I could, for Tiger.  Dr Susanna had said that I should let Tiger eat what he likes, as long as it is good food. 

So I came back today, armed with no less than 8 types of different canned food for Tiger to try. 

The things we do for our pets!!

This morning, he did NOT like the two flavours of Addiction that Cathy had given me.  Goodness gracious, Addiction is an expensive brand, mind you, and he said, "No, I don't like it!" and that's that.

I finally thought he might like this one...

Hah!  And how aptly named too - Fussie Cat!!

He did!  He loved it to bits!  Well, it's tuna and salmon plus some veges.  I gave him kibbles first, then tried out the Fussie Cat and he lapped it all up, went for seconds, thirds and fourths!  And left the remaining kibbles. 

You have no idea how relieved I am to have found a type of food that he likes!  Otherwise, the only thing he liked was sardines.  And I know our canned sardines has too much salt. 

Tiger has his meals inside my room, away from the gang, because he feels so intimidated by everyone else. 

I went out to change his water, and when I came back inside, Tiger was sitting on my chair!

If he dares sit on my chair, it's a good sign.  Being the timid person that he is, this is an achievement!

But look at him up there - you can see he's afraid and not sure if he has done something wrong.  Poor little thing....

You can almost hear him say, "Oh, oh...have I done anything wrong?"

You can sit there, Tiger.  It is alright.

So, we shared the chair.  50% space each.

Later, Tiger went back to his cage all by himself and is now sleeping soundly.  This is another achievement - the fact that he goes back to his cage all by himself.  It means he no longer perceives the cage as "punishment". 

Whew!  I'm happy....

Also, this evening, when I went to the neighbour's to bring him back (as I do every evening ever since he got sick), he was waiting for me on the neighbour's porch.  Normally, I would have to call for about 10 minutes or more before he came out (from nowhere), but today, he was waiting for me right there!

Another small achievement.  I hope this means he does not mind coming home anymore, and does not view it as a punishment (eating medicines and being caged for the night).  Or, perhaps he feels much better and is therefore, more confident? 

I certainly hope so...

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Amelia said...

fussy eater.. kindof reminds me of my own cat Fatso... she only eats the non green colored cat biscuits!!! somehow she is able to differentiate the colors and choose not to eat the green ones.. not sure why?