Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiger's 3rd acupuncture session

Dr Susanna came for Tiger's 3rd session today.

This time, the "bribe" was a cocktail sausage soup.  Tiger wasn't too interested, though, since he doesn't eat any meat except fish.

Dr Susanna says Tiger's pulse has improved very much.

Sweet-talking Tiger while the needles were being inserted.

One needle into the top of the head this time.

In the first treatment, Tiger was so frightened, most of the needles came out as his body was too tensed.  The second treatment, some came out too.  Today, all the needles remained throughout the 20 minute period.

You're such a good boy, Tiger!

Judging from how he is in the next few days, Dr Susanna says Tiger can have a break from acupuncture for a few weeks until such a time if I see a need for it again.

I am really very thankful to Dr Susanna for helping to rebalance Tiger's constituents through acupuncture so that he not only healed and can walk and run on all fours now, but has better appetite and confidence too.  I continue to be amazed watching Tiger heal day by day ever since the first treatment. 

I am very happy and proud to recommend Dr Susanna to anyone who wishes to try alternative therapy for their pets, especially in cases where western medicine cannot help.  There is nothing to lose if you just try.   

Suki checks out Dr Susanna things to make sure everything's in order...she stamps her approval too!

And since Tiger didn't want the "bribe", guess who benefited at the end of the session? 

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