Thursday, April 8, 2010

The very stubborn diarrhoea bug

Just when I thought all was going well, Butter came down with diarrhoea again about an hour ago.  I sensed he wasn't too well when he just wanted to sleep this evening.

That's Peanut keeping vigil for Butter, right outside the cage.

But both of them got up and wanted to eat.  Butter wasn't interested in the AD at all, and to my surprise, he only wanted to eat the steamed pumpkin.  I had begun introducing kibbles into their diet, but Peanut too did not want the AD or kibbles. 

This is the first time Butter is eating pumpking by itself.  He appeared to like it very much.  I suppose I should trust that they know what is best for them? 

Peanut also decided he only wanted to eat pumpkin.  But he passed out loose stools shortly after eating.

Both are still actively playing. 

I don't know what stubborn bug this is. 

I can only hope things will improve with time. 

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