Saturday, April 3, 2010

It never pours

Looks like my worst nightmare isn't over with Jelly's passing.  Peanut and Butter now both don't want to eat their ID.  I thought they were fed-up with the ID, so I decided to give them some boiled chicken, which is very "simple and digestible" food, according to the vet. 

Peanut threw up the food after a while, and Butter just shot out diarrhoea again.  Watery stools. 

Sigh...just when you thought he could finally retain his food, his diarrhoea starts again.  It is like the nightmare beginning all over again.  

Please pray that both of them would be strong enough to combat this illness, whether it is caused by worms or the bacteria.  They are both on the same antibiotic.  

Will I get to sleep tonight?  

Probably not, again.  

When things go right, everything is a breeze, but when things go wrong, it can be such a nightmare.   

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