Monday, April 19, 2010

Tara is adopted!

Tara, our first distemper survivor, is finally adopted!  We'd like to thank my mother's friend, Annie, and her family, for giving Tara a lovely home. 

Here are photos of Tara in her new home. 

My mother, Annie and her son, with Tara.

Their domestic helper, who will be looking after Tara.

You be good here, Tara. 

Tara has all her old things with her - her bowl, her cage, etc.

Tara has a beautiful new home now, with a big compound to run about. 

Thank you, Annie and family, for taking in Tara.

A Klang Pound and distemper survivor, with a fairy-tale ending.


Anonymous said...

Good for Tara! But I hope the cage is only a temporary measure.

jennifer said...

the cage is a temporary but sometimes necessary measure, since our house is located facing the main road with busy traffic. I rather train her not to leave the house on her own especially when the automatic gates open.

She's especially interested in passing cars. It's a pleasure looking at her sit at the gate staring at passing cars.