Monday, April 5, 2010

Pumpkin and yoghurt for combatting diarrhoea in kittens

A friend sent me this:

It says pumpkin and yoghurt (probiotics) may be able to alleviate diarrhoea in cats and kittens.  But note that the vet in the video says we should always consult the vet before trying any home remedies. 

So after consulting two vets, I decided to try probiotics today.  I got a bottle of GI Flora (supposedly the best on the market) and mixed a quarter of a capsule to Butter's AD.  He still has diarrhoea after food, but it is not as watery as before. 

I was told before that I should not introduce too many variants in the food when any young animal is sick.  The more variety, the worse it is for the gut. 

Meanwhile, Butter has started playing with Peanut and is not as lethargic as the past few days.  He has very good appetite too, and has gained weight.  I hope these are signs of recovery.

Here are this afternoon's photos:

Let's play, Butter...

Come on...

Follow me...this way!

No, I'm going to climb up here instead.

I hope I can sleep tonight.  I sure need a long rest after all this is over. 

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ManekiNeko said...

A belated comment (compliment, really) -- I thought your idea to try oral rehydration therapy was simply brilliant. I know for people who are suffering from dysentery or cholera, ORT will keep them alive and hydrated until their bodies can flush out the pathogens. I don't know why we don't routinely use this on pets. Great work!