Friday, April 2, 2010

Now, it's Butter's turn...

Butter has been shooting diarrhoea today.  I took him to the vet just now and although Butter is still active, it doesn't look too good for him.  The only way to stop the diarrhoea is total gut rest (the vet gave him some chicken, which is already very plain and simple food, but even that was passed out completely).  But total gut rest will cause hypoglycemia for such a small kitten and it would kill him.

Right now, he has not been able to sustain any food at all. 

From now until midnight, I will sustain him with glucose water, and then try my luck again with a tiny amount of boiled chicken. 

Please pray for Butter.

He seems alright now, and is even active, but a small kitten without food can go down very fast. 

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Huey said...

I'm not sure with cats and kittens, but whenever my dogs get diarrhea, I give them boiled pumpkin puree (not the pumpkin spice, but puree). It works instantly. If they get constipation, it works too.

Worms might be different though...