Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peanut-Butter's current interest

Peanut and Butter's current hit favourite toys seem to be the two kitchen slippers.  Here they are again, playing on and with the slippers.

They don't fight over the slippers.  Butter takes the dark blue thongs, Peanut takes the Japanese slippers.

Slide the paw in...that's nice and comfy.

Now, for a snooze on the slippers.

Push it to the side, and play!

Good for scratching and sharpening claws.

I'm bored with mine.  Can I try yours now?  Exchange? 

There has been no diarrhoea today.  I sort of lost the battle with the RC Intestinal kibbles.  They simply hate it.  So, it's steamed chicken for both now. 

Peanut is still straining to pass urine, but the urine is not blood-stained today.  I hope this is an improvement.  But he is still passing out only very small amounts.

This morning I had to rush off for work very early, so I had to give them the bitter antibiotics right after their breakfast.  Butter got so angry, he faced the wall and refused to look at it after that.  No pacifying could comfort him.  He must have felt tricked.  Poor little thing...

He was ok when I came home in between work to feed them. 

The evening medicine round wasn't as bad because I wasn't in a rush.   


Anonymous said...

Is Peanut also coming down with fungal infection? I seem to see some bald spots on him.

chankahyein said...

Yes, both of them have fungal spots. Treating with Apple Cider Vinegar.